15 Best Chicken Liver Recipes To Try Today


Are you thinking about potentially trying out some new ingredients and recipes in your cooking?

15 Best Chicken Liver Recipes To Try Today

We all know what it’s like when you feel like the dishes you’re making feel like they’re getting old, and no one wants to get bored of their own cooking.

If you’re a fan of meat products, then you should definitely try using some chicken liver in your cooking sometime soon, and although some people are put off from the idea of eating liver, when you cook them properly they can have the most wonderful creamy and smooth texture, and they’re known for their rich flavor too! 

So, when it comes to finding some of the best chicken liver recipes, then look no further, as we’ve managed to compile the 15 best chicken liver recipes for you to try, so read on to discover more about this delicious ingredient. 

Best Chicken Liver Recipes

1. Chicken Liver Pȃté 

Starting off with one of the essential chicken liver recipes, this delicious pȃté is extremely versatile, and is usually used in conjunction with a variety of other foods, some of which include seafood too, so it really is a great way to make use of your chicken liver. 

This pȃté is also healthy, and contains many different vitamins and nutrients, so you definitely won’t feel too guilty about adding it to your dishes on a regular basis either. 

2. Chicken Liver Patties

Although it might seem like a slightly unusual way for you to use your chicken liver, it certainly is a tasty one.

These chicken liver patties are prepared almost in the exact same way you would prepare any other meat-based patty, and are bursting with a distinctive earthy and meaty flavor that makes them a much more decadent option when compared to traditional meat patties. 

Since chicken liver contains high amounts of nutrients, it also makes these patties a much more healthy option for those looking to enjoy a delicious burger! 

3. Linguini With Bacon And Chicken Liver

If you’re looking for a date night meal that you can prep and cook in just 25 minutes, then this linguini with added bacon and chicken liver is a dinner that is sure to impress.

This dish is certainly one reserved for the meat lovers out there, and along with plenty of fresh sage leaves, the aromas produced by this dish are out of this world. 

The sauce consists of a combination of olive oil and bacon fat, which can always be drained off if you’re not a fan of, but it tastes amazing once it has coated the pasta! 

4. Chicken Liver Mousse

Another great spread that you can make using chicken liver is this incredible chicken liver mousse.

Made along with shallots, brandy, garlic, cream cheese, and cream, this mousse is perfect when spread along toasted sourdough and served as an appetizer before a main course or as finger food at parties. 

Although there might not appear to be much difference between chicken liver mousse and pate, the mousse has a much lighter texture, and a milder flavor too. 

5. Chicken Liver And Wild Mushroom Risotto

For those of you who want to lean into the rich, meaty, and earthy side of the chicken liver’s taste palette, then this chicken liver and wild mushroom risotto is going to be perfect for you.

There are a lot of ingredients involved, but making the dish itself remains relatively simple, so even novice cooks should be able to make this incredible dish. 

This is the perfect winter dish if you need something warming, so give it a go if you’re a fan of risottos already! 

6. Asian Style Chicken Liver And Onions

Everyone is aware of the go-to dish for chicken liver being the organ itself with the addition of some sauteed onions.

However, if you want a unique take on this dish, then look no further than this version, which brings some Asian style into the mix. 

This dish consists of your typical chicken liver and onions, but includes an amazing honey soy and garlic sauce, which adds a sticky texture, and is perfect when served alongside stir-fried vegetables, or even some delicious noodles, it depends on your preference! 

7. Chicken Liver Tuscan Crostini

Although pȃté is considered to be a French dish, that hasn’t stopped the Italians from using it to help create what is known as Tuscan Crostini, which involves spreading the pȃté on top of crusty bread that has been covered in olive oil and salt before being grilled. 

The recipe for this form of pȃté also involves some additional ingredients, such as capers, anchovy fillets, and parsley, which means that this dish will provide a much bolder flavor than some of the pȃté you will be used to! 

8. Ukrainian Chicken Liver Pie (Pechinkoviy Tort)

Are you looking to serve up something exotic using your chicken liver?

Then this chicken liver pie, which admittedly looks much more like a cake, is a traditional Ukrainian dish made by combining intricate layers of chicken liver crepes that are all held together using a dill-infused mayonnaise. 

This dish is absolutely packed with herby flavors, and it tastes incredible, but you might want to pop a mint afterward, because your breath might be a little fragrant! 

9. Grilled Chicken Liver Skewers

This recipe is definitely more summer-friendly than most on this list, which tend to be rather heavy in nature, so if you’re looking for a way to turn your chicken liver into some delicious finger food that everyone can enjoy, then these skewers should do the trick. 

These skewers only require 8 ingredients, and the result is some deliciously meaty skewers that will only make you want more, especially with the amazing lemon butter sauce that you make too (see also “Best Meyer Lemon Recipes“). 

The lemon butter sauce coating and the sprinkling of salt on top help to bring out the best of the chicken liver’s flavor, so give it a try the next time you fancy some grilled skewers. 

10. Peri Peri Chicken Livers

Now if you’re a fan of spicy food, then the prospect of peri peri chicken livers will definitely excite you, and paired up with some delicious pan-fried gnocchi, then you know that this is going to be a meal that you come back to making time and time again. 

Sure the ingredients list might be a little long, but we can assure you that the effort is absolutely worth it for the end result, and it might just be one of the best dishes on this list! 

11. Durban Chicken Liver Curry

Another dish for lovers of spicy food is this Durban chicken liver curry, and unlike the last dish, the ingredients list for this curry is quite short, and most of the ingredients should be ones that you can find simply by walking into your local grocery store and purchasing, which makes preparing and cooking this delicious curry super simple. 

Served alongside some delicious basmati rice or with a homemade naan, and you’ll have the perfect dish for when you’re craving something hot! 

12. Spanish Chicken Livers (Higadillos Salteados)

If there’s one thing you take away from this recipe, it’s that the Spanish sure do know how to cook a liver! While this might seem like any other chicken liver and onion recipe at first glance, we promise you this is much more than that. 

Infused with Sherry and coated in the best smoked paprika, it elevates the taste of the chicken liver to a whole new level, and when served on some fresh, crispy bread, it makes for the perfect dinner no matter what time of year it is. 

13. Chicken Liver And Mushroom Stuffing

If you need a good stuffing recipe to accompany your roasted chicken or turkey (see also “Best Turkey Tenderloin Recipes“), then look no further .

Combining chicken liver with mushrooms and a range of other ingredients, this stuffing is particularly moreish, so you’ll need to make sure that you make plenty for the whole family to enjoy. 

14. Southern Fried Chicken Livers

We’ve all heard of Southern fried chicken before, but Southern fried chicken livers are the next step up! 

Made exactly the same way you would usually make Southern fried chicken, this is perfect if you want to pair up your chicken liver with a delicious barbecue dip, and would work well as an appetizer too. 

15. Chicken Liver Stew

For a dish that uses cheap ingredients and allows you to be a bit more frugal, this chicken liver stew is perfect, and is also a warming dish that you can especially enjoy during the colder months of the year, so give it a try sometime soon!

Final Words

So there you have it, 15 of the best chicken liver recipes that we know you’re going to enjoy. We hope that at least one of these recipes has piqued your interest, and then you get to try making it for yourself sometime soon, enjoy!

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