15 Best Purple Cabbage Recipes To Try Today


From purple cabbage rolls to hot and sour cabbage soup, you’ll be surprised at how unique and versatile purple cabbage recipes can be! 

If you’re looking to add some color to your meals, then purple cabbage is the perfect way to do so – it is a truly versatile and delicious vegetable. 

15 Best Purple Cabbage Recipes To Try Today

The best part? Purple cabbage is packed with tons of nutritious vitamins and minerals. Plus, it is a great source of vitamins, A, C, and K. 

With these 15 purple cabbage recipes, you’re sure to add some crunch and color to your meals – not only does it look amazing but tastes equally fantastic, too. 

If you’re looking to feed some picky-eaters, most of these meals are sure to pass the test – perfect for the whole family to enjoy. 

With this in mind, this article will explore 15 of the best purple cabbage recipes. Whether you’re looking to create whole meals or whip up a quick side dish, these recipes can help. 

Let’s get straight into this colorful adventure!

1. Moo Shu Chicken

Your favorite takeout meal can now be made in the comfort of your home thanks to this moo shu chicken recipe – it is sure to become a part of your meal rotation. 

This recipe contains plenty of vegetables, which are both full of delicious flavors and satisfying crunch. Likewise, the chicken is perfectly juicy and the eggs are beautifully fluffy. 

All these ingredients come together with the help of the sauce, which is ridiculously good, too. 

Therefore, when you’re craving takeout, instead of picking up the phone, grab this recipe for an equally satisfying meal without any guilt-feelings. 

2. Purple Cabbage And Carrot Slaw

This purple cabbage and carrot slaw is sure to become your next favorite and go-to side. It is crunchy, creamy, and a little sweet and spicy, too – the perfect dish to whip up for your outdoor cookout or BBQ. 

It is the perfect side for those hot summer evenings – it is sweet, crunchy, and a little tangy and spicy, essentially, it hits all the right spots. 

The best part? There is almost no work when it comes to making it. All you have to do is prepare the vegetables, combine, and enjoy! 

3. Perfect Roasted Cabbage

Did you know you could roast cabbage, no? Well, this recipe is sure to blow your mind. If you love roasted brussels sprouts, then you’re bound to love roasted cabbage, too. 

Like roasted brussels sprouts, roasted purple cabbage contains a similar, irresistible caramelized, crunchy texture that makes them to die for. 

However, unlike brussels, purple cabbage is much easier to prepare, is very inexpensive, and lasts well in the refrigerator. 

Plus, it looks absolutely fabulous when spread out on your dinner table – the perfect, vibrant addition to your Easter dinner. 

You’ll want to keep purple cabbage on hand at all times just to make this recipe. In twenty minutes, you’ll have a nutritious and simple side. 

4. Purple Cabbage Rolls

If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort food, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do the purple cabbage rolls add a nice pop of color but they taste delicious, too. 

Here, big cabbage leaves are stuffed with a braised ground beef and rice mixture to provide you with the most decadent meal. 

These rolls are then placed in a tomato broth and added on top of a bed of crunchy and tangy sauerkraut – you’ll be rewarded with an explosion of flavor. 

5. Purple Cabbage Salad

This purple cabbage salad is packed with antioxidants, delicious, fresh, crunchy, and vibrant – what more could you ask for?!

This nutty bowl of goodness is simply fantastic. The best part? You can add or remove ingredients depending on your preferences and requirements. 

Not only that, it is quick and simple to make, too! Perfect for celebrations and parties, but can also be eaten as a simple lunch as well. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your salad, simply add a little bit of Dijon mustard and mayonnaise to transform it into a creamy coleslaw. 

6. Pickled Purple Cabbage

This is the perfect recipe if you’re looking for something to top off various recipes. Technically, pickled purple cabbage is considered a condiment, used to add a tang and crunch to your meals. 

Here, you’re provided with tart cabbage that is slightly spicy, too. It would taste delicious topped on a burger, bratwurst, or even fish tacos if you’re looking to be adventurous. 

7. Braised Red Cabbage With Apples

This braised red cabbage with apple side dish is sure to become one of your go-to recipes. It is made with apples, crunchy cabbage, bell peppers (see also “Best Poblano Pepper Recipes“), and red onion. 

The result is a sweet and savory, tart, and incredibly flavorful dish. If you’re cooking up something heavy, such as steak, then braised cabbage makes for the perfect addition. 

8. Beet And Cabbage Sauerkraut

Not only is this sauerkraut recipe super simple to make but will leave you with plenty of jars of fabulous kraut to be topped on all your favorite dishes. 

When it comes to sauerkraut, you either love it or hate it. However, don’t knock it until you try it. This is a gut-healthy food that is packed with vitamins such as K and C. 

Moreover, it can be added to all your tacos and sandwiches for a tart flavor and a light crunch. 

9. Sheet Pan Kielbasa Cabbage And Potatoes

For the ultimate convenience and ease, you can’t go wrong with sheet pan recipes. Not only are they budget-friendly but they are clean-up friendly, too. 

This sheet pan kielbasa cabbage and potatoes bear no exception to this fact. While it may be inexpensive, this doesn’t mean it’s lacking rich flavors. 

Thanks to the winter vegetables and flavorful sausage, this meal is packed with flavor and will leave you completely satisfied once finished. 

10. Melting Slow-Braised Cabbage

With this recipe, your cabbage is cooked low and slow to perfection, the result is a meltingly tender cabbage that is then topped with delicious Gremolata. 

The best part? It is naturally vegan and gluten-free. Plus, this Tuscan-inspired side dish only takes 1 ½ hours to make. 

This recipe takes a humble head of cabbage and transforms it into something spectacular. Wedges are pan-seared until golden and then nestled in a red wine-infused broth. 

It is then placed in the oven where the magic begins. Once cooked, you can enjoy an oh-so-tasty and incredibly tender cabbage. 

Don’t forget to spoon a little Gremolata on top for a burst of flavor. 

11. Hot And Sour Cabbage Soup

If you’re looking for a soup that packs a flavor punch, then you’ve come to the right place. This hot and sour cabbage soup is packed with scallions, ginger, and sesame oil. 

In addition to this, you can add the ground beef of your choice. This transforms a light soup into something more filling. 

This tart, flavorful, and spicy soup is the perfect recipe to whip up on those cold winter nights. 

12. Crunchy Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad

You don’t have to travel halfway across the world in order to enjoy some classic Thai flavors. In fact, this recipe will leave you completely satisfied. 

Not to mention that it is incredibly healthy, too. Here, carrots, snap peas, and purple cabbage are just some of the fabulous veggies included. 

The best part? It is completely vegan! 

Plus, it contains a good amount of protein, too, thanks to the added quinoa. 

Whether you serve it as a side dish or a main meal, it is sure to leave you feeling good. 

13. Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels

These veggie pinwheels are the perfect option for your packed lunch or picnics. 

Here, a rainbow of veggies and cream cheese ranch are rolled into spinach wraps (see also “15 Best Frozen Spinach Recipes“), providing you with a tasty lunch that even kids will enjoy. 

14. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

If you’re looking for a simple yet delicious dinner option, then you can’t go wrong with pulled pork sandwiches. 

Here, the pork is succulent and flavorful, plus the cabbage adds a nice crunch – you won’t be disappointed. 

15. Red Cabbage Juice

This red cabbage juice is the perfect recipe if you’re looking to add some more vegetables to your diet. 

It is a three-part recipe that is packed with plenty of nutritious fruit and vegetables. The best part? It is super simple to make and will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you need. 

Final Thoughts

Purple cabbage is among the most versatile vegetables. Whether you use it in your main meals, as a side, or even juiced, there are tons of recipes you can choose from. 

The best part is this cabbage is packed with healthy vitamins and minerals – the perfect addition to your meals. 

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some purple cabbage inspiration for your meals.

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