15 Best Mexican Soup Recipes To Try Today


There is far more to this great country’s cuisine than burritos, tacos, and empanadas.

Mexican cuisine has a rich tradition of soups that are flavorful, nourishing and filling. Many Mexican soups are loaded with delicious flavors and heart ingredients that are perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

15 Best Mexican Soup Recipes To Try Today

Many Mexican soups have all the ingredients you would expect from Mexican cuisine, such as beans, chili powder, green onions, and potatoes to name a few.

But, when combined in soups, the burst of flavors is often extraordinary. Best of all, you probably have many of the ingredients needed in your kitchen and pantry already! 

If you love Mexican cuisine as much as us, then you are in for a treat. Today, we have chosen 15 of the best Mexican soup recipes for you to try and make at home.

Some are traditional whilst others are new concoctions that have been a hit amongst Mexicans in recent years. One thing is for sure, though, each Mexican soup recipe below could become a new family favorite in your household soon. 

Tasty Mexican Soup Recipes

1. Mexican Street Corn Soup

Our first soup is the perfect comfort food to enjoy with family and friends during the week. This Mexican street corn soup is popular amongst Mexican cuisine enthusiasts and we can tell why!

It is easy to make with simple ingredients that taste delicious. And, because it is so simple, you can spice it up a little with extra toppings of your choice. This is one to try this week for sure.

2. Sopa De Fideo

This Mexican noodle soup is the stuff of dreams. The noodles are golden brown and the tomato sauce is wonderfully tangy. Sopa De Fideo is a hearty dish filled with a mixture of tasty ingredients including chicken stock, broth, and various vegetables.

And, if you like lime, you can add as much as you want to this and even serve alongside lime wedges. Nutritious and delicious, this soup is one to enjoy regularly.

3. Mexican Lentil Soup

If you’re looking for a soup that has it all, this Mexican lentil soup recipe may be the one for you.

Vegetarian-friendly, this is loaded with a wide variety of vegetables, spices and the tortilla strips provide a wonderful crunch that offsets the smoothness of the soup.

We love how filling this soup is, making it ideal for any diet. We also love the added zest from lime slices and avocados that offers additional creaminess and healthy fats to the soup.

Like a bit of heat too? Add in some chili powder, jalapeños, pepper (see also “Best Poblano Pepper Recipes“), and fire-roasted tomatoes to spice things up !

4. Albondigas Soup

Also known as Mexican meatball soup, Albondigas soup is a great way of using any leftovers and making something delicious for everyone to enjoy. Whilst this recipe calls for ground beef, you can use meatballs to give a thicker, fuller feel to the dish.

Overall, though, the flavor is very meaty thanks to the beef and Mexican seasonings. All the ingredients are simmered in a tasty broth with vegetables. This might be the meaty soup at its best!

5. Slow-Cooker Sweet Potato Chocolate Mole Soup

Hang on! Chocolate soup? Is that a thing? It sure is! Not only does this recipe contain chocolate, but it also calls for tequila. The perfect party soup!

But, you’ll need some time to prepare this soup as it tends to take six hours to cook in the slow cooker. But, you simply prepare it and leave it for six hours for a hassle-free cooking process.

This sweet potato chocolate mole soup has a wonderful smooth, creamy texture that pairs well with its numerous flavors. Complex but delectable, this is one special soup.

6. Sopa de Verduras

Heart yet light, this Mexican vegetable soup is rich in nutrients and ideal for vegetarians. This Sopa De Verduras recipe is simple to make and supremely satisfying.

Simply simmer whatever vegetables you love in a sumptuous tomato broth and enjoy a staple in many Mexican households. You’ll feel as healthy as can be after eating it, too.

7. Chicken Taco Soup

Tacos and Mexico. They go together like, well, burritos and Mexico. But, have you ever tried Mexican chicken taco soup?

If not, you have to! This is a classic Mexican dish loaded with traditional Mexican ingredients, such as corn tortillas, chili beans, taco seasoning, diced tomatoes, black beans, cheese, chicken stock, and tender pieces of chicken.

Just ensure the shredded chicken mixes well with the veggies and spices in the soup. Then, garnish with either sour cream, avocado, lime wedges, or cilantro, and tortilla strips. Mexican food at its very best!

8. Chicken Enchilada Soup

Mexican cuisine can be extremely hearty and comforting, and this chicken enchilada soup is the perfect example. Becoming ever more popular over recent years, this soup is thick, creamy, and fabulously cheesy.

The chicken is well-seasoned and tender whilst the black beans, onions, peppers, and corn provide added texture. A great choice on a cold winter evening to warm your belly.

9. Sopa De Conchas

Here’s another Mexican soup to warm you up on a cold night. Sopa De Conchas, translated as Shell Pasta Soup, is a dish that the whole family will fall in love with.

It is super easy to make and ideal for when you want something quick to prepare and eat whilst you laze around. Satisfying and full of flavors, this Sopa De Conchas recipe is one to save.

10. Chocolomo Stew

Chocolomo stew, also known as “fire in a stew” is a spicy little number. After all, it gets this fiery nickname from the charred chili peppers used in the recipe.

As well as the charred peppers, meat gives the soup a pleasant texture and meaty flavor. You can use venison or beef for the tastiest results. Mixed with chives, red wine, vinegar, and tomatoes, the flavors of this soup explode in your mouth.

11. Refried Bean Soup

If you’re in the mood for a thick, hearty soup to warm your bones and get cozy with, this refried bean soup recipe is a must-try. With its smoky flavors and spicy touch, this soup is hard to beat.

Packed to the brim with beans, it only takes around half an hour to make this incredibly tasty soup.

Oh, and it’s also gluten-free and loaded with healthy ingredients, including peppers, tomatoes, onions, black beans, corn, and those yummy refried beans. Try this today and you won’t regret it!

12. Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup

Creamy and loaded with chunks of tender chicken breasts or thighs, this cheesy chicken enchilada soup is simply divine.

Other ingredients used include tomato, black beans, enchilada sauce, sweet corn, and a mountain of shredded cheese.

What more do you want? Well, you can choose your favorite toppings yourself and then sit down with your family to enjoy one of the best soups you’ll ever try.

13. Beefy Mexican Rice Soup

Love burritos? If so, this is the soup for you! With beef, beans, rice, corn, tomatoes, and taco seasoning, this is essentially a burrito in the form of soup. In under an hour, this soup will be ready to serve and wow your family and friends with.

We recommend serving with either cheese or sour cream for an added creamy texture.

14. Mango Verde Chicken Soup

Mango soup is something everyone needs to try. And, once you try it, you’ll want more and more. This mango Verde chicken soup recipe is spectacular and mouth watering!

Its flavors are exotic making it perfect for lounging outside with friends and family this summer. Who needs a BBQ when you have Mexican delights like this waiting for you? We’re hungry now!

15. Mexican Tomato Soup

You’ve probably tried tomato soup before, but you may not have tried this creamy Mexican tomato soup recipe. Guess what – this soup can be ready in just 20 minutes too so your belly can stop grumbling.

Similar to traditional creamy tomato soup, this recipe differs as it includes cilantro, peppers, garlic, and some other tasty ingredients to give it a Mexican kick.

Add some fresh lime juice for some extra zest, too and your taste buds will be in awe.

In Summary

Mexican cuisine is so varied. You can try something new every day of the week and never get bored with the traditional Mexican flavors.

Try our favorite Mexican soup recipes above to make Mexican nights more interesting. You may find your new favorite dish as well.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your soup! 

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