12 Best Ground Venison Recipes To Try Today


Did you know the term ‘venison’ comes from the Latin verb verani, meaning ‘to hunt’? It’s no surprise considering that venison most commonly refers to the meat from a deer, one of the most hunted anc culled game out there.

12 Best Ground Venison Recipes To Try Today

Considering in many parts of the world deer parks require hunters to cull deer populations, for genuine ecological reasons, there is often a lot of deer meat both historically and in our modern day. 

In any case, many people seek to get into the unique taste of venison, whether they are looking to try new meats, or are trying to get into hunting or eating roadkill.

In any case venison finds its way into many high and low cuisines, from super high end restaurants to some basic rancher meals cooked over a fire.

In this article we will cover what venison is and why it’s used, as well as some recipes we hope inspire you to try this gamey meat. To learn more about venison and how to use it in our day to day lives.

What Is Venison And What Does It Taste Like?

Traditionally venison was mainly only served in the grounds of deer park, and more widely in high end restaurants.

This was partly due to scarcity but also as there just wasn’t that much demand for the meat due to its unique flavor.

In recent years venison has made its way onto our grocery store shelves in droves.

Many prefer to eat venison to other meats as deer is a widely hunted animal. The hunting and culling of deer is quite ‘moral’ usually to help these populations of deer survive as well as helping their ecological counterparts to survive as well.

In terms of health, venison is also much lower in cholesterol and saturated fats compared to other meats and is the choice of meat for those who suffer from cardiovascular issues.

It is also higher in essential nutrients like iron or zinc than other meats.

Generally, venison has the least gamey taste from these red meats.

Cervena venison, perhaps the most popular and common, is actually quite tasty. Yet, being a game meat, it does have that ‘gamey’ flavor, that some describe as ‘of the farm’. If you have had rabbit or other game meats expect something similar.

Best Ground Venison Recipes

These recipes will specifically include ground venison, presenting ebay and efficient ways to use venison in your day to day life.

1. Hunter’s Casserole

This is one of those aforementioned rancher dishes, you could easily see this cooked out on a fire in the deep prairie fields of the midwest, but is easy to cook at home.

Chili and garlic are the ideal seasonings to help mask the potentially strong flavors of the venison and nothing beats the potato gratin on the top that is creamy and potatoes goodness to carry the game flavors home.

2. Ground Venison Burgers

Everyone loves a good burger and it’s a pretty easy and non offensive way to use your ground venison. How you decide to grind your venison in this case can be up to you if you have the choice.

People like chunky burgers or some people enjoy the tight texture of finely ground meat burgers. In any case you can treat this like your favorite burger and pile it high with your favorite salad and topping options, even some cheese if you fancy.

3. Venison Tacos

Whether it is taco Tuesday or not, this dish is another ideal way to use your ground venison. Get your favorite corn tortillas and taco toppings and have some people round to show them the unique taste and benefits of venison.

In any case, this dish is easy to make, can include loads of fun toppings from Latin cuisine, or otherwise, and is an easy way to feed lots of people from this abundant meat.

We like this recipe as it helps you with lots of options and alternatives you can alter to your own preferences.

4. Venison Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a classic way to use any meat, but is great with the tender meat of venison. Following this recipe creates a tender loaf full of vegetables as well as our favored venison.

Venison is a relatively lean meat that doesn’t have much fat, the recipe recommends mixing with beef or pork fat for the sake of the meatloaf, or just bread.

The recipe is the ideal method to make your venison go further and serve lots of people, as well as being able to pair it with your favored sides.

5. Venison Bolognese

This kind of dish can be as rustic as you want but we’ve definitely seen riffs on pasta dishes with venison on some high end restaurant menus as well.

This is another way to get this meat into your diet without even really realizing you are eating venison, an easier way to make your pasta night a little more heart healthy.

This bolognese sauce differs from your classic in only one way, venison, beyond this you can adapt the recipe so it suits your own bolognese recipe and preferences.

6. Easy Venison Pie

For those who don’t have such a knack for the culinary applications of hunting, something like a pie can be easy to make, use up your meat reserves, and serve loads of people happily.

Plus with a pie you can riff on what you want to include as much as you want, as well as serving it with the sides you want. This recipe combines bacon, mushrooms (see also “Best Morel Mushroom Recipes“), onions, and the venison into a pie and the outcome is not only tasty but warming and heart healthy.

7. Venison Goulash

Goulash is a classic ranchers recipe made to use up meat and feed you for that long day of work. Consider this a fancy macaroni cheese that is made with elbow macaroni, mushrooms, onion, and a little chili.

It’s another recipe you can riff on as you like but is ideal to feed loads of people and, as we suggested, get you ready for another day of hunting. An ideal meal to warm a winter’s night.

8. Breakfast Venison And Eggs

This skillet breakfast is an ideal way to use venison.

It has a good amount of spice to aid that earthy flavor venison has, with some gooey and yolky eggs you can guarantee you will start your day satisfied with this sumptuous and protein rich dish.

The addition of sourdough is the perfect mop for the meat juices and has that chewy tanginess that can be ideal to compare with the meat and egg.

9. Ground Venison Wellington

This is a riff on the classic Wellington recipe, and uses ground meat, venison in this case, rather than whole cuts of meat. Ground venison mixes perfectly with duxelle and the other classic ingredients of the wellington.

In addition the puff pastry here, which you can totally shop-buy, is an ideal carby addition that soaks up the flavors like a sponge.

10. Venison Stroganoff

Stroganoff is another ideal recipe framework within which venison is masked well.

The creaminess of the sauce carries its flavor well but the addition of alcohol as well as the sour and acidic elements are really there to cut through the meaty and gamey flavors.

Another dish you can riff on and serve with the carbs of your choice. Again, mushrooms are used in this dish, mushrooms are commonly paired with venison as they both absorb venisons flavor while also maximizing that earthiness it can have – yum!

11. Venison Hand Pies

Who doesn’t love a handheld pie? This is the kind of pie you can take out with you on a hunt and remain satisfied and filled for the rest of your day.

Whether you use puff pastry as the recipe advises or shortcrust, the results are satisfying and tasty.

Moreover, this specific recipe isn’t just a copy of another but has instead included a group of ingredients that are specifically chosen to pair well with the meat, rather than just being a ground meat pie.

12. Hearty Venison Chilli

Why not use venison for chili too. Benison pairs really well with spicy dishes as it compliments the earthy elements so well. The addition of beans helps boost the protein while still being heart healthy in general.

Plus, as the recipe suggests, you can scale down the meat amount for more vegetables or vice versace. Another super versatile recipe that uses venison. Serve it on its own or with your carb of choice, bread can work well.

Final Thoughts

As you can see in any recipe that asks for any ground meat you can swap what is suggested for venison (see also “Best Ground Sausage Recipes“). Venison is a really versatile meat and there isn’t that much that it doesn’t work with.

While its flavor is similar to other meats it can provide us with lots more health benefits and help turn our carnivorous diets into one that is a little more heart healthy.

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