Summer Trip to Hawaii

Planning The Ideal Summer Trip to Hawaii With Kids

A domestic vacation is often the best choice when there are children in tow. There is also the security of remaining in the US with familiar food, customs, currency, and stores. Children get to venture away from home and try new things. It isn’t too strange and daunting for them. At the same time, it is sometimes difficult choosing the best vacation spot. There are obvious family friendly destinations in sunnier states. One that is perhaps a little less obvious is Hawaii.

So why should families turn to this state for their summer trip and what does it have to … Read More

Disneyland for adults and enjoy with friends

Adults Having Fun At Disney Land? You Bet

My family loves visiting Disney Land whenever we’re in Southern California.

We’ve been going there since before I was born. Because my parents have always enjoyed the park as much as we kids did, I guess I never thought of Disney Land as a “place for kids”. To me, it was always a place for family – including the adults!

The only requirement to enjoy Disney as an adult is that you be “young at heart”, if not in body. If you do this, you will enjoy Disney as much as we do – I promise. There is plenty for … Read More

Chuns Reef

The Other North Shore

The first thing I do whenever I come back home to Oahu’s North Shore is walk down to the beach and take in the fresh air.

north shore beaches

The smell of sand and the picturesque blue water and clear skies tells me that I am home. That said, I did not grow up in such a beautiful place. All of Hawaii isn’t glamorous and gorgeous, after all.

Since moving to North Shore, I’ve been doing things that I never thought I would have done before – like learning how to surf and to scuba dive because there are some beautiful reefs and … Read More