Buying Guide For Plantation Shutters For Tropical Kitchen Windows

Many people have differences of opinion on which parts of the house are the most important. However, one thing that most people are in agreement with is that the kitchen is definitely among the most important rooms.

Indeed, the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. Kitchens primarily serve as preparation areas for food and beverages. These days, kitchens also serve other purposes including entertaining guests and even serving as a dining area for informal meals.

Over the years, as the role of kitchens has evolved, so has their design. Today, it is possible to get a broad range of kitchen designs including; rustic kitchens, tropical kitchens, and even futuristic kitchens. It is essential to keep the kitchen in good condition as it is an important part of our homes.

One way of changing and revitalizing the look of the kitchen is through the use of plantation shutters as a window treatment.

Tropical Kitchen Windows

Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Tropical Kitchen Windows

There are some reasons why plantation shutters are an ideal window treatment option for those with tropical kitchen designs.

1. It is hard not to make a connection between tropical designs and a quest for environmental friendliness. Plantation shutters enhance the eco-friendliness of the kitchen through their energy efficiency.

Plantation shutters are renowned for keeping internal temperatures cool during summer and warm during the colder seasons. The plantation shutters will also keep out UV rays hence ensuring that kitchen furniture and even the different colors within the kitchen maintain their good condition.

2. Plantation shutters are timeless. As a matter of fact, plantation shutters were in use as far back as when the Spanish were settling in the Americas. The mere fact that there are still fashionable centuries after the Spanish introduced them to the Americas is proof of their timeless nature.

3. Research has also established that home buyers often have a preference for homes with plantation shutters. Using plantation shutters in a tropical kitchen will go a long way in adding the value of the home.

4. One of the biggest benefits, however, is the low maintenance nature of plantation shutters. When used in the kitchen, it is easy to wipe away dust and stains from the plantation shutters hence keeping them in great condition for longer.

5. While the warmth and comfort of a tropical kitchen may trigger more conversations in the kitchen, privacy is still a crucial matter.

After all, not many people are comfortable with people seeing right through their windows particularly at night. Plantation shutters are an excellent way of keeping the kitchen “open” while at the same time enhancing privacy.

6. Another benefit of using plantation shutters for tropical kitchen windows is their customizability. Many experts note that customizability is one of the reasons why plantation shutters are so popular.

This means that even in the case of the tropical kitchen design undergoing some changes, it is still possible to adopt and customize the look of the plantation shutters to fit the new tropical kitchen look.

What to Look out For

There are some things to look out for before choosing plantation shutters for a tropical kitchen.

PVC Plantation Shutters

1. Material

The material of the plantation shutters is of critical importance. The major categories of materials used include; aluminum wood, vinyl (PVC) and composite (also called faux wood).

Wood shutters are the more traditional look and are therefore more expensive in most cases. PVC and aluminum plantation shutters are a more affordable option.

Furthermore, these two materials are often available in a wide range of colors making them appropriate for tropical kitchens. However, PVC may bend and break after some time.

Composite plantation shutters are also a good choice for the kitchen given their resistance to weather and humidity. They are also more affordable than wood shutters.

2. Craftsmanship

The best plantation shutters are those that incorporate the use of complex techniques such as dovetail joinery which is common with high-quality furniture.

These kinds of shutters can last longer hence ensuring more value for money. On the other hand, shutters constructed using other techniques such as glue is likely to loosen and eventually separate.

3. Warranty

There are numerous firms offering plantation shutters. It is important to note that firms that have faith in the quality and durability of their shutters are likely to have better warranties than those that do not; the longer the warranty, the better.

4. Experience

Experience is vital when it comes to the design and installation of plantation shutters. In this case, a manufacturer with experience customizing and fitting plantation shutters into tropical kitchens is preferred. Lack of experience is likely to result in poorly designed and poorly fitted plantation shutters.