3 Tips On Shopping/Packing For A Hawaiian Vacation

The current economic times are quite hard which means that people have to work more and work harder if they want to stay afloat. However, as they say, that all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Simply put, everyone needs a break from work, school or even the monotony of the house.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that taking time off to relax and recuperate not only makes you happier, but also healthier and more productive. When it comes to vacation destinations, Hawaii is undoubtedly among the crème de la crème.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a couple out to rekindle your romance, a family out to have some family time or whether you are on a shopping trip. Hawaii has something for everyone.

Packing right for a vacation is one of the prerequisites for ensuring that you enjoy the vacation to the fullest. If you do not have everything that you need for your holiday, shop for those things that you do not have. Here are 3 tips on shopping or packing for a Hawaiian vacation.

1. Pack Some Beach Essentials

Shopping for Hawaiian Vacation

A vacation to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without heading off to the beach for some relaxation time. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that you pack some beach essentials for your visit to the beach. This would include sunscreen, sunglasses (it is advisable to get polarized ones), swimsuits (at least two of them), a beach cover-up and a pair or two of flip-flops. It is also a good idea to have some aloe vera gel on standby just in case you do get sunburns.

2. Clothes To Pack

The fact that Hawaii is a tropical island means that a little bit of rain can be expected all through the year, especially from October to April. Nevertheless, temperatures are always warm; even when it rains. Hawaii is also renowned for its relaxed atmosphere. With this in mind, it is advisable to pack casual and comfortable clothes for your vacation. Experts advise packing clothes made from either cotton or other breathable fabrics. Some nice clothes to pack for your vacation include:

Shopping for Hawaiian Vacation

  • Casual t-shirts
  • Capri pants
  • Denim shorts
  • Cami rompers
  • Lounge trousers
  • Dresses (summer dresses and maxi dresses are particularly perfect for Hawaii)
  • Casual skirts
  • Blouses
  • Long trousers (for outdoor activities and adventures such as horseback riding and all-terrain tours)
  • As for footwear, flip-flops, sandals or water snickers are best.

Despite the warm weather all through the year, temperatures in some parts of the island (especially those that are on the highest points of the island) can get quite chilly. Winter evenings can also get quite cold. In this case, it is advisable to pack a light jacket or a light sweater.

Some useful accessories to pack include:

  • Straw hats/Sun hats
  • A tote bag or straw bag
  • An umbrella will come in handy when the rain falls.

3. What Not To Wear On A Hawaiian Vacation

Anything that will make you look over-dressed is probably not a good idea. It is also not advisable to put on a dress or skirt when going on a boat tour and in case you do, make sure to wear a swimsuit underneath just in case the wind strikes. It is quite windy in Hawaii so wearing flowy short skirts or dresses is not such a good idea especially if you are barely wearing anything underneath.