Curtains For A Tropical Kitchen

Many will agree with me that we spend a significant amount of time in our kitchens; therefore, we need them to be beautiful, clean and organized. A tropical feel in the kitchen area provides all this and more. A tropical kitchen guarantees a relaxing environment, inviting place, and a Hawaiian-like ambiance which is ideal for a kitchen. Choosing the right curtains for  a kitchen may consequently be tricky.

Curtains are a vital component of the tropical kitchen decor. We know that a tropical climate is characterized mainly by warm temperatures, clear sunny skies, and an ocean breeze.

As a result, you need light translucent curtains. That type of curtains will guarantee you not only privacy but also a well lit and a bright kitchen. Their light nature offers a free flowing breeze through the kitchen leaving it fresh when you have your windows open (weather permitting).Tropical Kitchen

On the other hand, a fun colored pattern curtain will also do a great job. You may need curtains that correspond to the interior decor of the house. For example, if your home theme color is green, you may enjoy green palm tree kitchen curtains. The green can be light green to let in light and make the room bright and attractive.

The windows are the guide to what curtains you need. In a tropical kitchen, full windows (run from top to the floor) are the best. In this case, full curtains will make a real statement in the kitchen area.

pineapple kitchen curtainsCurtains in the kitchen should also reflect that it is a kitchen space. What I mean is, the curtains may have images of fruits such as pineapples. This will give you’re a kitchen that tropical touch. It will make the kitchen look more authentic and real. The kitchen will have an inviting atmosphere thus will ensure the perfect environment for cooking.

We all like to admire the sunset and the beautiful scenery. Cooking dinner, you need curtains that will allow you to see the outside. You need curtains that will be able to allow a substantial amount of that bright orange sunset light to flood your kitchen. That natural light is spectacular and important when making a meal. Curtains that will allow the outside atmosphere in are the best for your kitchen.

tropical kitchen curtainDays and nights in the tropics are usually warm, but in California the nights can really cool down.  The daytime hotness combined with the high temperatures from the cooking or baking can make it feel hotter inside. Therefore, you need curtains that are not deep red, dark oranges, or other very warm colors make the environment feel even warmer. Avoid heavy-material curtains to enjoy this Caribbean life-style kitchen.

Finally, make sure that the curtains are not transparent. As much as we want natural light to illuminate our kitchens, we need privacy. We need security. Translucent or thin fabric curtains will serve this purpose. As the light illuminates into your house, you will only see the outside, but no one will be able to see you clearly cooking inside.

Curtains are an important decorating part of your kitchen design and usually become a real focal point in the room. They also reflect on your personality and the type of person you are. Buy some curtains that have all the qualities above to bring out your ideal tropical kitchen.